Autoimmune liver disease

I have been told, many times, one autoimmune can lead to another autoimmune. That has come true, besides Sjogren’s I have recently been diagnosed with autoimmune liver (hepatitis) disease. Rotten luck. Or is it fate? My gastroenterologist is sending me to a heptologist (appt made).

As for how I’m feeling these days? Doing what I can to keep my chin up.

Is there anyone else, besides me, in Assisted Living? That’s the best for me. A one room or even a studio is no longer a choice. Even with in home help. I don’t qualify (not “needy” enough meaning, not sick enough) for a bed in a skilled nursing facility. Hoping I stay well enough to stay “unqualified”.

Did anybody read the ModSupport posted Feb 7? Way to go!!!

Considering the various Hep diseases (A, B, C) are contagious I’m not sure one autoimmune diseases can lead to hepatitis – other than the fact that being autoimmune compromised might make it harder to fight off. Come to think of it, I don’t believe hepatitis is considered autoimmune.


Sorry, I misread your post! Viruses cause many types of hepatitis . Autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) is one exception.

But, never fear, with proper treatment AIH is controllable so the fact you have an appointment to get started is great!

Thanks. I feel better knowing that somebody is on my side, with me.