Conjunctivitis? (pink eye)

I can only imagine that we have all experienced this at least once. It is highly contagious and seems to have various causes, two of those being bacterial of viral infections (the recurring question).

Anyone have a history of this?

I have experienced conjunctivitis on occasion and try to keep a bottle of triple antibiotic with Pred on hand. A day or two with this treatment renders the infection gone. but fortunately not the infectious 'pink eye'.

I guess I should be grateful I don't deal with this one. If I am not careful, I end up with the blocked ducts, which make for a nasty situation too. So far, using eye scrubs, humidifier at night etc etc seem to be helping to keep down the occurrence.

I had a long drawn out ordeal with this a couple of decades ago, it would just keep coming back, my Dr finally sent me to an eye specialist, and after 3 different visits, and 3 different meds, it cleared, but I have to wonder what caused it, and I have no recollection what the final treatment was.

That Dr was ancient when I went to him and as since passed, so no info to be gathered there! I never kept track of things, I was busy trying to be well and keep up with life! But looking back, wish I would have documented things, and hung onto them!

Thanks for the good info, Kaz!

I was told that what I assumed was pink eye was actually blepharitis. Here's a link to it -

I've found that since I started doing daily purposeful eyelid cleaning, as well as using a warm compress most days, I haven't had this come back. The warm compresses also help out with the dry eye, so it's a lot of bang for it's buck. Just 5 minutes a day makes a huge difference.