Dietary Advice

Hi there everyone,
I happen to have PCOS and Sjogrens. I struggle with the fact that the guidelines posted on the Sjogrens Syndrome Foundation website directly contrast with my PCOS diet advice. I.e.: PCOS diet needs high protein, gluten free, dairy free, low carb. Sjogrens Syndrome foundation promotes high carb and lots of gravies, etc which are discouraged for PCOS.

Has anyone gotten specific nutritional advice?

I would encourage you to meet with a nutritionist. But would you mind sharing a link to the Sjogrens information? I’m not finding the information that matches what you said. I found this -

It does mention gravy but simply as a way to moisten food before putting it into your mouth.

I second that. The diet you describe (protein, low carb, etc) sounds like the diet my rheumy suggests too. I haven’t seen SSF supporting much else. I can say that leaning toward a Mediterranean style diet helps me quite a bit.