Sjogren's, PCOS, & GERD

Hi All,

I am looking to see if anyone else has this unique combination of issues. I have been reading that GERD is pretty common with Sjogren’s. I have had PCOS w. Insulin Resistance for the last 12 or so years. My first SSB came back positive in 2008. I have been symptomatic for two years.

Here is my primary issue: I am have tremendous trouble losing weight. The foods recommended for PCOS (whole-grain, protein-heavy, cruciferous veg) make my digestion really difficult. My diet for GERD (Dr. Frissora’s) recommends a lot of very cooked foods and not whole grains. This is not great for PCOS, and I was able to put the two diets together to create a low-GI diet with the GERD diet. However, I have been reading about how for PCOS, it’s supposed to be a low-inflammation diet (high carb, low animal protein, veggie heavy). This will aggrivate my GERD and not be good for insulin resistance.

I am so confused at this point and really don’t know what to do. Any advice would be appreciated.

I would think that your best bet would be to ask for a referral to a nutritionist who could help you navigate this. Yes, losing weight when you have PCOS can be a real challenge. Many have had success using meds like metformin but I don’t know if this is appropriate for you or something that you would consider.

Have you tried a good pro-biotic for the GERD? I get by with that as well as I did the prescription.