Does anyone make their own soaps?

There are more and more people making their own laundry soap, not only for the monetary savings, but because of the lack of chemicals that irritate and dry the skin.

I've never tried it, but am considering it. The grating of the soap and cooking and stirring sound like a BIG job, for an arthritic, there are also some no stir recipes, but they use a dish washing soap that really tears up my hands, so that's out!

Tell me what you think of these recipes? Would you tackle this?

SK, I had a book before the hurricane hit that had great recipes that did not involve grating. A lot of melting down and pouring but definitely not too intensive. I will search it out and get the title for you. It really was wonderful. Great for a first timer as none of them were too complicated and centered around easily obtainable ingredients. And most of the base ingredients were the same as far as almond or coconut oil, jojoba, etc. There wasn't anything in the book I couldn't get at a decent price through Amazon if it wasn't in a store. It may be a way for you to get your feet wet with it without a major money outlay.

Thanks! My husband has has a bad reaction to something for over 2 years now, has been to so many Derms who have no idea what it is! I have changed bath and laundry soaps dozens of times, with no real solution. This may be the ticket, surely worth a try!

2ak sent me a note suggesting I consider Melaleuca soaps rather than going through the gymnastics of making my own.

So check this out!

Sure beats those Calgon commercials!

My ex used to use melaleuca soaps because he had major skin issues.…we found a version made by Young Living (they do all kinds of stuff with Essential Oils, etc). They are a little pricey though so doing it yourself is a bonus. I'm home so will try to find that book title.

I mentioned my idea of making soap, with his help, and he rolled his eyes and told me it was one hell of a mess! LOL! Like HE would be cleaning it up! Ah ha ha!

ROFL…. I hear that.

I found it!!!!

Organic Body Care Recipes: 175 Homemade Herbal Formulas for Glowing Skin & a Vibrant Self Paperback – May 30, 2007

$11 on Amazon for the paperback version.

Hi Kaz! I've never bathed in those oils, but they should be very soothing!

What do you use to wash your clothes ?

An electric grater, never heard of one! Sounds great!

I do use the blender to make my own collodial oatmeal for my grandsons baths, especially for winter, but what a mess in the tub! They come out silky smooth though!

In reading about people having reactions to laundry detergent, I find using Cheer-Free very good.

Thank you so much! I see they have books on how to make all kinds of laundry, bath, and beauty products for sale! I had no idea, but may be something to consider!

EnjoyLife said:

ROFL…. I hear that.

I found it!!!!

Organic Body Care Recipes: 175 Homemade Herbal Formulas for Glowing Skin & a Vibrant Self Paperback – May 30, 2007

$11 on Amazon for the paperback version.

The sock is a fantastic idea! Thanks so much!

Kaz said:

I use a powder here - Biozet. Can only use one brand as others irritate me, so would be interested in attempting my own.

With the oatmeal for the bath, place it in a sock and use a thick elastic band to attach over the tap. The water then runs through the oatmeal and you get a nice bath with all the goodness but no mess as it is contained within the sock. I've been doing that for baths for around 30 years now. Works a treat and it is a lot easier to empty the remnants out and then rinse the rest from the sock as opposed to a build up in the bath.

Yes, the electric grater has saved my life. Saved me slicing fingers and also extreme pain from the motion of grating. I also found great fatigue from grating as well. Now it is done so quickly. I have a Tefal Fresh Express electric slice and grater. Best device I have bought for my kitchen in the last 12 months.

I would start with laundry soap first as with bath soaps you have to use lye which can be challenging at best. If your on Pinterest there’s some good recipes there, good luck

Hello. First of all thank you for the warm welcome and for allowing me to vent out of controlled. I have made my own soap. Coconut oil etc. I found a wonderful soap at the dollar store. On line it is around $7.00 a bar. Sugar Works. Very pure. Even my husband loves it!

Thanks Sally! The Dollar Tree stores?