Group living

I’m feeling sorry for myself, here in this group home living situation. Being the only one here with this “invisible” disease, looking so well, able, and all that ‘rot’, insides are ‘rotting’ out on me. Holding in my feelings did it contribute to my endoscopy results: stomach ulcers and stomach inflammation? I’m soft spoken, my vocal cords are weak and overstretched, I am an introvert, more so now than ever (problem?) as for feeling I’m more invisible than visible, the advancing of Sjogren’s and my stubbornity to not give in to the pain Sjogren’s causes, and to continue to do despite the various forms of Sjogren’s fatigue, has got me in a bad situation.
Enough “beefing”. Now, for the better side of me, and my living situation. I am a Braille Transcriber, certified by the Library of Congress. I took the first of a three part examination for a letter of proficiency in the new Braille code, UEB. I AM moving forward, despite the devastation Sjogren’s is doing to my insides.
I did some YouTube(ing), bought a jaw harp and a thumb piano, having fun making sounds, that is now somewhat musical sounding, wow for me.
All in all, I’m not doing too bad. I just wish Sjogren’s and how I look to others, you know how it is.