How does it feel to have clean eyes

i feel like i have not had a good cry in a while. i think i last cried during a something that i was watching not to long ago and i swear my eyes feel like grit and the eye doctor was so old i think he could not tell if i had grit in my eyes or not. i saw him and he did the eye lid drop test with the paper. he said there was severe eye redness and dryness but no grit. im sitting there like yeah but my eyes are like sand paper scratching around. i had another xray done and he said all was fine. anyone has any input thankx,.

Hi ddisney! That’s not an unusual feeling, feeling like your eyes are gritty when they’re dry. There are some things that you can do at home that may help to improve it. You can do warm compresses on your eyes a few times a day. This helps to increase the oil layer in your tears, which may make you more comfortable. I also really love using a night time ointment in my eyes. It makes the next day a better day. You can also talk to your doctor about a prescription eye drop that increases tears, either Restasis or Xiidra.

I’ve got better control these days in part due to a regular routine, plus prescription eye drops. It helps.

I’ll second what Stoney says- I’d read about warm compresses to help with blepharitis, which I don’t have, so hadn’t tried them until 6 months ago, when an optician suggested it. It’s really helped; I use a microwavable compress in the evenings when my eyes get really sore and it helps no end.

thank you ladies. has anyone had anything that looks like a sty but i have had one for a few months and its so painful and annoying at times. if i have to rub my eyes and i forget i rub it i can feel it. when i had the eye exam the doctor saw it but never said anything about it.

I do all of the above with the added use of an over the counter ointment at night. It makes a real difference at night and I can tell during the day. I also get “fingerprinting” or “mapping” on the eye…. gritty feeling is an understatement when that is happening. Then Muro 128 works wonders.