Natural Coloring for Hair Needed!

Can anyone recommend hair coloring that works well, without chemicals, of course? My doc said not to use anymore chemical hair coloring. Can anyone give me some tips to get a golden blonde? Some of my roots are mostly whitish gray in the front & darker in the back & neck. Thanks again all of you wonderful people!

I have no answer for you but I am wondering why I just got this on Dec. 6th?

Hello, dear Terri! Gentle hugs, prayers and love coming your way!

There are always the Henna based products that you can find in natural food stores. I used them for about 5 years - really a mess to use, and I don't remember if blonde is one of the colors available. Henna is basically reddish, but I remember using a brown. The stuff I used looked like dried green grass, and you were supposed to mix it with hot coffee, and then leave it on your head for a really long time - maybe 45 minutes, while keeping it hot with a hair dryer. You had to keep your hair covered with a plastic shower cap. Meanwhile the mixture dripped out, staining whatever it touched. Then finally you got to wash the clumps of soggy staining stuff out of your hair. The last time I used the Henna I got a nasty headache afterwards (I don't usually get headaches). I thought that maybe I had developed a sensitivity to the henna, but it could have been from the process I guess. Anyway I stopped using the henna hair dyes because of that headache.

Avada is one that works wonders. I love mine even more so now.

it is on the pricey side but worth coloring those well I know.


I use this hair coloring product. There is no odor and it does have henna in it but it does not turn your hair orange or red. It is nice. I have huge problem with allergies and chemical sensitivity and I have no problem with it. You buy the developer separate and that is only thing that has peroxide in it, of course.

Developer:(Activating lotion)

This link gives some info about the ingredients:

If you can see it ok, this is a color chart for the Essensity:

If you use this, make sure you read all the instructions on mixing because the ratio of color to activating lotion is different than most others that I've tried.

I found this product by researching a very high end organic salon in my area that uses it. Of course, they want two hundred dollars to color your hair with it. So I buy it myself and apply it.

It it true to color and tends to come darker even, so I would start lighter and then you could always go darker next time.


This is more of a question. Why are you not able to use hair color anymore? and does this apply to everyone with sjogrens eventually? Gosh, it is bad enough I am slowly losing my hair, but not to be able to dye my roots would devastate me. I am already feeling less and less attractive as it is.So so sad.


This is why I specifically pointed out that the product I use has peroxide in the developer. Coloring your hair, as with any other products that you use, should be cleared by your doctor. I discuss everything with my doctor before I use it. I color my hair very infrequently because I don't have a lot of greys yet. If I had to do it more frequently, I'd probably just let my hair grow out.

Also, what I do is this. If you just have some strands or small areas of grey, you can just touch those up with a color matching your own natural color. You won't be exposed to as much of the product that way.

Regarding henna, it can be toxic too. This Wikipedia link is about henna, you can read about "health effects" in the info.

There's no perfect answer, except to do what you do,Terri, and not use the stuff at all. It is the only hundred percent safe way to deal with the matter. It's probably the smartest thing to do too.

My sister started dying her hair at a very young age, in her teens, tons of harsh dye and bleach. She did develop vitiligo, which is an autoimmune disease that causes loss of pigment in skin. That was more disfiguiring to her than any grey hair. Peroxide is documented as a cause for vitiligo, but who knows. Something to consider. Lately, I've been asking myself why I feel the need to cover up the grey strands and who am I trying to fool? Myself? Others? With all my chronic medical conditions,maybe it sometimes feels like coloring my hair is one of the few things left that I have some control over. But...I've been doing some soul searching lately. Why can't people love us the way we are and why can't we love ourselves the way we are? I have women friends that never dyed their hair once in their life, they just let the color fade out naturally, and they seem to be more at peace with themselves and have happier lives than me. There is so much pressure in our society to fit in to some mold. Some day(maybe soon), I'm sure, I will tell society to stuff it, and stop using the hair dye altogether. I'm right on the verge of it.

I love you, Terri. You always inspire me.


My flare up is causing severe itching and burning. I just finished prednisone last week and it helped some but now it’s back. I’ve been coloring my hair blonde for over 35 years and can’t do that now with all the open wounds on my scalp. I don’t like my natural hair color of dark blonde but may have to go back to that. Work is increasingly stressful which causes my flare. I’m just exhausted. I spend the weekends in bed just to get the energy to get back to work

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Have you heard of the store Lush? They sell Henna hair dyes which are a great natural alternative.

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