People really don't understand

My friend wanted me to help her with a test online. My printer is kaput, so we would have to go to the library. I was in the bed, PJ's on because I was just too tired to do anything, but I said yes.

I had my thyroid removed and it effects your vocal chords for a while. So now I am horse and I think I sound like a frog.

Anyway, this friend was the first I told about the operation etc. I told her I was very tired and I have Sjogren's an autoimmune disease which makes me ache in my joints etc. So I was feeling double bad yesterday.

But I went. She said to me, "I don't like the way your voice sounds." "You look real bad". I said, I told you I wasn't doing well, they thyroid meds have me tired and loopy and the Sjogren's makes me tired and my hips are killing me. I can't do anything about the voice.

She was like, "I didn't know they were taking your thyroid out."

Which tells me, 1- she wasn't listening to me and 2- she only needs me when she wants something.

Total disregard for me and my health. She has health problems also, like Fibromyalgia. I thought she would understand.

But no.

My Mom gets it, and my friend D who suffers from dibilitating migraines understands. But I really don't think other people are gonna understand 'brain fog' and see past the dry eyes and dry mouth part of the disease.

My primary didn't even tell me it could effect my joints and other organs. I had to go online and come here to find out about meds I could take and their side effects. She just gave me Ultracet and told me to use Biotene.

I was already using Biotene.

Not too many people know about this, there are no commercials applauding medications or informing people it exists. They think you're just lazy and don't think that there is a reason you tire easily or you have no energy or what EXACTLY an autoimmune disease can do to your body.

There should be more literature available for primaries and patients. And more RA's should know about it and how to treat it.

It was a bitch trying to find a nearby RA who took medicare and treated Sjogren's. Disgusting.

These are the types of roads you run into with mental illness too. Your friends stop being your friends because all of a sudden, 'you're different'.

So I'm getting it again. I can't play in all the reindeer games again. Yeah, but DIG THE NOSE !