T'was the Sunday before Christmas

And the night before I slept horribly. Like every time I moved I was awake. Which was weird for me cause I’m a very active sleeper. So today when my husband wanted to go eat breakfast I was tired but I said yes. Breakfast was amazing, my kids were fantastic which most mom’s know w kids it’s a fifty fifty chance that we can have a great time at a restaurant or a really really bad one. ( Psst! My kids are usually good cause they know we can stay at home for an unforeseeable amount of time if need be.) So we come home and I remember that my friends want to go to the mall and finish Christmas shopping, today, so I tell my husband while we are out. Then we got our eyebrows waxed… and yes I said “our”. Thank you very much. Lol! then we came home and as my husband was parking the car I reminded him again. Time had passed, 2 hrs. and I’m anal when I do spontaneous things, like there is a timeline in my brain and I need to follow it.

Need. To. Follow. It.

So I tell him that I’m gonna talk w my friends and figure out when they wanna leave. I find out they wanna leave by 2 ok. Sweet. I tell the man and then promptly get tired and pass out in our bed. Que 30 min later and my man tells me he’s leaving w the kids for a bit. Bliss. A calm nap with no worries ahh… Best 2 hr nap of my life!

My friends call me and say their ready to leave and their coming to grab me. Sweet! I’m ready. I feel so energized from the greatest nap in the world, I am in control for once! And my timeline is set-up perfectly boom! We begin the task of battle Sunday holiday traffic. We barely survived crazy New Englanders from utterly carocide murder!-facing us on the way there. The lines man, I’m a fast shopper and the lines killed me. Standing and swaying my feet oh man my feet hated me so much at the end of the day, but my amazing fantastic friends came to the rescue w pizza! We got enough that the hubs and kids were able to eat ahhh I don’t have to worry about dinner too, miracles! Now as I wined down from my day and take the time to type it out, I did a lot for me and I’m pretty happy about that. I braved stores, I faced hurdles and obstacles that seemed tremendously out of my league. For me, I’m happy. So I say good nite and happy Sunday before the holidays. And Hanukkah and oh so many times other religions and such and etc and so forth.

I could SO feel it! Sorry I missed this blog way back when you posted. Did you have a good holiday season?