Out of curiosity, did anyone have a habit of chewing ice before their diagnosis? I had this nasty habit for 15 years :frowning: I never went anywhere without a huge cup of ice (and water)

Annoying, and bad for teeth. But at least now, I have a notion of “why”.

It took broken teeth to break the habit! If I could tell my young self, what I know now…

Hi Dawn,

I have been around people who seem to crave ice, but at some point stopped, could be for the same reason! I suppose it's one way of supplying the much needed moisture to us dry ones!

Seems this is referred to as 'pica', and the Mayo clinic says it could be a sign of anemia? I have no way of knowing, but when you have your next blood test, you may ask to have your iron checked?

If you google 'pica, ice craving' it will allow you to look over various articles on this topic.

Yes, it is a sign of anemia as well as diabetes. I’m anemic, and always went to doc to check both iron and sugar levels! Diabetes, runs in my family. It started when I was pregnant, and didn’t end as it became an addictive act.

Was just curious if anyone else had this habit.

You all are awesome by the way! This group is very knowledgeable! And I really appreciate all the threads and information here <3