Knee problems? Here is something that may be overlooked!

My husband has suffered with his knees for many years, and keeps putting off the surgery, but I'm wondering if it will be successful if this is not considered! It seems to fit the bill for him!

Any one else? Any thoughts?

I had Osgood Schlatter disease in my left knee since I was a child, about 10 years old. Then it turned into something else, and I don't know what it is, but my pain doctor is treating it with plasma injections to the knee. I've had this since I was 10, and they only found the problem when I had an ultrasound to my knee. They've done CT Scans and MRI's on my knee, but didn't show anything. How is that possible?

Although my pain doc is doing the plasma treatments, it doesn't seem to be doing anything, except put me in more pain. I fell 2 Mondays ago, and now my knee is hurting worse then ever. I feel like I'm at a loss on how to manage the pain I'm in. I can't do repetitive movements, like ride a bike, because the pain increases with each movement, to the point of tears. I don't cry, unless I'm in extreme pain, or coming down with something viral. It irritates me that I cry when I get sick. I ignore my body when I do get something viral, and I think it's my bodies last resort in telling me I'm sick. I'm just too stubborn. LOL

I would love to do Acupuncture, but I can't afford it. Even the local acupuncture school is $50 for one area/hour. That was about 10+ years ago, so I don't know the prices now, it's probably gone up since then. California is so expensive for everything.

I think it's interesting that after all this time they did find a new ligament. I've always believe that there is much more they need to figure out about the body, and it's called "Practicing" medicine for a reason.

Exactly Facsina, 'practicing'!

Yes, Kaz, he has had some success with a Vietnamese acupuncturist, but he moved and is pretty distant! I'm hoping that by the time he finally decides to get the op on both knees that the VA doctors are on board with this!

Three chronic fracture, my God how do you withstand the pain, Kaz?

Right now my spinal stenosis is KILLING ME! I actually started to shake from the pain, could not get one stinking tear out of my eye, but I'm crying inside, believe me! I could cry a river right now, if I had the juice!

Ever since I slept with the windows open and it got so cold and wet, I've been pretty miserable, but tonight takes the prize after the $319.oo trip to the grocery store, got home, no cheese! So tomorrow, I have to go back hopefully they will give me NO problems!

NOt a good idea to challenge me right now! RUFF!